Growing Global Hockey--The Costa Rica Hockey Experience--Pura Vida

The Costa Rica Hockey Experience and Goucher Field Hockey:

The Zag Team arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica on December 14th ready for our latest hockey adventure. It was the culmination of years of promoting a rising hockey nation just a 3 hour flight south of our border. We call this initiative, Grow Global Hockey, and it falls very much in line with our unique commitment to mandatory giving back and our leadership as being the only hockey owned and operated tour organization.

The intention of this initiative flips our typical hockey tour development model on its head. Meaning, typically the hockey touring experience is about traveling to stronger hockey nations with the idea of receiving and developing via our network of the world’s best coaches and high level competition. Our GGH programming is different, however, and prioritizes our teams giving back to developing nations on the field.

After years of building awareness of this program we found a great match with Goucher College Field Hockey and their newly hired veteran coach, Stacey Eversley, and her assistant coach Caitlin Walker Ashley. They were ready and willing to engage this unique Zag program in a beautiful and vibrant nation home to some of the world’s best adventures, rain forests, beaches, volcanoes, and wonderful people.

You can follow their adventures through the eyes of the Zag team members assigned to this mission on our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. There was no shortage of amazing Zag Adventures, beauty, perfect sunsets, high impact Zag Give Back, and competitive hockey. We would like to extend a special thank you to Goucher Field Hockey for being true hockey pioneers. For taking a risk on something unknown but transformative. Thank you for opening up a new world of hockey playing opportunities for Costa Ricans and Americans for years to come! In January of 2019 we will premier our latest documenTOURy, featuring this Growing Global Hockey program and Goucher FH! Lastly, we would like to thank the Costa Rican Hockey Federation and our local partners for working to create this special hockey experience.

During this Goucher experience the play on the field revealed something we did not expect. The Costa Ricans are pretty good! They are young, fit, and coached by an Argentine. They are ready for a Zag invasion just like Bermuda was 10 years ago(where we have had nearly 60+ teams visit over the last 10 years) As such, we are proud to announce the Costa Rica Hockey Cup(August 1-6, 2019) and D3 Preseason(May-August) modeled after our very successful Bermuda events.

The Costa Rican Hockey Cup will feature the U21 Costa Rican National Team & and high school teams from around the USA. The event will take place August 2,3,4th and will feature high level coaches such as former Argentine National team coach, Pablo Lombi. Teams will arrive on August 1st and will travel to the rainforest and beach on the 5,6, and 7th to engage in Zag Adventures & Give Back. Contact us at today for more info, pricing, and program details.

Zag Preseason Costa Rica will be available to D3 teams in May-August and will feature matches against our partners at the Costa Rican National team. Contact us at today for more info, pricing, and program details.

Jeremy Meccage