Zag [noun]: 

a high-impact, life-changing, international sports touring experience.

Zagging [verb]: 

stepping out of your comfort zone for optimal personal & athletic growth!


Travel. Play. Give Back. 

For 15 years we have been on  a mission to develop meaningful international sports experiences that also serve a greater good. International responsible community service is at the heart of every Zag experience: facilitating sports clinics for local children, painting and fixing up schools, spending an afternoon tutoring, making crafts with children or older adults, and helping on a farm are just a few of the ways we encourage Zag teams to give back.   International service has been a part of who we are since our inception.   We not only give back on tour, we also give a portion of proceeds to our non-profit partners.  Everywhere we visit, we discover new ways to challenge ourselves and each other, grow as athletes and people, and make a meaningful positive impact. Read more about our mission to give back here.


What makes a Zag Tour?

  • Well matched opposition
  • Active cultural and educational experiences
  • Adventure activities designed to challenge comfort zones
  • Opportunities to Give Back and serve
  • A life-changing experience


A unique passion sets us apart.

We strive to develop creative and challenging activities that expose athletes to new cultures from the inside out.   Experiencing it is what we do at Zag!  We believe in an exceptional combination of activities that enhance team bonding and personal growth, resulting in true Zagging!  Whether it be a pizza making lesson in Italy, surfing like an Aussie, taking on the rapids of the Swiss Alps, or shark cage diving in Cape Town, our experiences challenge athletes to grow in ways they never thought possible. 


See Who's Zagging:  Our World's Best On Tour

Some of the world's best teams have experienced the unique combination of traveling, playing, and giving back


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