We offer two unique fundraising opportunities for teams

  1. Write, Create, & Sell your very own Zag the Zonkey book expressing your team’s unique story, theme, & values

  2. A 3-night trip to Bermuda to Raffle off

Zag The Zonkey Team Building & Create a Book

Now excepting teams for our pilot program! Contact us today to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.

  • Work as a team to write & create a unique book using our Zag the Zonkey & Friends Characters in 3 easy meetings

    • Instructions and prompts for each meeting will be provided by Zag to assist in the creative process

    • Zag will be a resource at your disposal throughout

  • Our creative team will produce a final e-book with an option for soft back and printed copies

  • To see an example of the type of book you will create, click here

  • Teams can sell or incorporate school wide/athletic department sponsors into their stories to fund raise

  • Teams can sell other Zag the Zonkey books, products, & subscriptions for further fundraising

  • NCAA Programs: We have sought to create this program in an NCAA compliant way but it is important to always do your own due diligence with your athletic department.


  • Contact us to learn more about taking part in this exciting new pilot program!



Bermuda Trip Raffle

  • 3-nights at Grotto Bay Resort inclusive of taxes & gratuity in late November-Early April

    • daily breakfast buffet

    • airport transfers

  • This program giveaway is solely for foreign tours through Zag Tours

  • The trip giveaway is only for your team and their raffle. It is not shared across multiple teams, allowing for optimal transparency on the odds of winning for your ticket buyers.

  • Due to state and NCAA laws around raffles, we encourage you to self-administer and run this program through your school’s raffle license. We can help guide you through the set up!

  • NCAA Programs: We have sought to create this program in an NCAA compliant way, but it is always important to do your own due diligence with your athletic department

  • Contact us at to learn more!