Brrr....Snow Have You Down? Top 5 Tropical Hockey Getaways For 2019


Winter and spring break are a great time to travel with your team and escape the cold!  Check out these high impact winter tours (inclusive of everything but 1 meal a day).  All tours are packed with hockey, service, and team building cultural adventures.
1)  Zag Bermuda--Ask about our 2 for free in January and March! Starting at $1299 per person. Our most popular island destination! With temperatures in upper 60's and low 70's, paradise is only 2 hours away.  Wonder what Bermuda looks like in January? Check out this documenTOURy of one of our many sports teams traveling in January. 
2)  Zag Cape Town--Our most impactful and life changing experience on and off the field.  In January-March it's summer in Cape Town!  Don't miss this opportunity! Check out this recent story about one of our many sports teams traveling to Cape Town or live it through the eyes of this documenTOURy. Starting at $2699 per person.
3)  Zag Portugal/Spain/Barcelona/Hockey De Reyes(Jan 4,5,6-D1 and Elite Club Only) --7 day programs starting at $1999 per person.  In January-March enjoy moderate European temperatures in the 60's. No crowds...just you and history and one of the world's most scenic coastlines (in Portugal).  Enjoy the fantastic blend of hockey, culture, give back, and team building adventure. Check out this story from the road or this documenTOURy. 
4)  Zag Argentina--Starting at $2499per person (all inclusive): One of our original programs. Our founder's family are Argentine. We love Argentine hockey and the fantastic blend of service, culture, and hockey. Need I say more?
5)  We can't squeeze them all into a top list so be sure to inquire about all of our other popular winter and spring hockey tour options:  Zag Dominican Republic--Zag Barbados--Zag Costa Rica--Starting at $1799 per person.  

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Jeremy Meccage