VCU in Holland & Belgium

  • When: June 22nd to June 29th, 2020

  • Sample Program

  • Additional Info: Tentative Flights*

Zag Holland! See the experience through the eyes of our traveling teams!

Zag Holland Tour Highlights:

  • Competitive play in the world’s greatest hockey nation!

  • Zag Give Back: Give back and connect with the local people in authentic ways by engaging in our Plastic Whale Fishing and Elder/Child Give Back!

  • Zag Adventure: Enjoy kayaking through Ghent’s historic canals!

  • Experience the thrill of international play when you attend Pro League matches between the rival border countries of the Netherlands vs. Belgium!

  • Zag Culture: We don’t just eat stroopwafels…we learn to make them as a team!

  • All this and more!