Scarlet Knights in Holland & Belgium

  • When: June 22nd to June 29th, 2020

  • Sample Program and Pricing

  • Additional Info: Tentative Flights*
    KL 644  22JUN  JFK to Amsterdam       1000P 1120A#1
    KL 645  29JUN  Amsterdam to JFK        230P  430P
    *Note: We have a best flight monthly review of flight options/pricing until April. This direct flight out of JFK option is optimal by 200usd per person. We will keep searching.

Zag Holland! See the experience through the eyes of our traveling teams!

Zag Holland Tour Highlights:

  • Competitive play in the world’s greatest hockey nation!

  • Zag Give Back: Give back and connect with the local people in authentic ways by engaging in our Plastic Whale Fishing and Elder/Child Give Back!

  • Zag Adventure: Enjoy kayaking through Ghent’s historic canals!

  • Experience the thrill of international play when you attend Pro League matches between the rival border countries of the Netherlands vs. Belgium!

  • Zag Culture: We don’t just eat stroopwafels…we learn to make them as a team!

  • All this and more!