Dickinson in Portugal/Spain

  • When: August 10-17th, 2020

  • Sample Program and Pricing

  • Additional Info: Tentative Flights(Subject to Change)

     AC7505    10AUG  Baltimore to Toronto        455P  621P

      AC1916    10AUG  Toronto to Lisbon             1110P 1110A#1

      AC1961    17AUG  Lisbon to Montreal            945A 1200N

      AC8470    17AUG  Montreal to Baltimore     145P  325P
    *Note: We have a best flight monthly review of flight options/pricing until February.

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Zag Portugal/Spain Tour Highlights:

  • Compete and train in the home of the 2019 European Cross Country Championships

  • Zag Give Back: Give back and connect with the local people in authentic ways by engaging in blind soccer at the Helen Keller Center or similar

  • Zag Adventure: Enjoy kayaking, zip lining, surfing as a team!

  • Zag Culture: Learn to cook and dance like a local!

  • All this and more!