Zag Argentina / Uruguay

  • When:  Tours can be developed for travel in January, March/April, May-August
  • What Coaches?: Over the last 10 years we have had the best and brightest Argentine coaches and players at our clinics.  Our master clinician over the last 10 years has been Pablo Lombi.  He just happens to be the recent Head Coach for the Senior Men's National Team and former U21 womens HC.  Now thats the "Zag" Difference!
  • Who:  NCAA, U19 and U16 HS or Club
  • Events:  In addition to our year round college, club, and high school friendly tours we also have a great events happening every year! 
    • Annual Argentine Cup:  End Of July-U19, U16 Boys and Girls
    • National Camp Argentina:  3 Day Intensive Camp with Argentine National Team Membersand Coaches integrated into our traditional Zag Argentina tour at any time of year.  Ideal for clubs and high schools.  Can also be integrated into NCAA tours, but coach limits and rules must be considered. 
    • Argentina National Team Friendlies:  Available only to qualified teams and colleges.  Teams must apply.  Times will vary.
    • Friendly tours with fantastic clinics and culture:  Any Time!
  • Additional Info:  Zag Award Nominee for Best Value for Money, Best Hockey, Best Give Back Opportunity, Best Overall Tour, Best Culture, Transformational Tour of the Year

Zag Argentina Tour Highlights:

  • While we specialize in destinations throughout the world, Argentina is very unique in that our founder's family is Argentine, many of us have lived and trained in Argentina, and our South America manager and your host for the duration of your tour is a long time Argentine National team player and very active at the highest level of hockey in Argentina.  Our South American manager also has the unique experience of coaching in the U.S. at the NCAA D1 level for a number of years. This provides her with invaluable insight as to the needs of our teams on and off the field as it relates to maximizing the benefits of visiting Argentina.
  • Enjoy and experience one of the world's hottest destinations when you visit the Paris of South America.  A destination rich in culture and hockey!
  • Opportunity to competein one of the finest women's hockey nations in the world. Argentina is currently ranked #2 in the wolrd, and has held the #1,2, or 3 spot in the world for many years now.  In addition, an Argentine has won World Hockey Player of the Year, 4 out of the last 7 years. 
  • Opportunity to collaborate and be instructed by some of the world's most respected coaches and players.  Players and coaches who have or are currently part of the Argentine National team and our Master Clinician over the last 5 years has been the Senior Men's National team coach!
  • Opportunity to watch Premier League Hockey matches and National team practices.
  • Fantastic Zag Community Service with opportunity to give back to those in need when you impact young Argentine orphans and work toward a powerful, transformational human experience.  We are the first and only company to require all our teams to participate in our service programs.  2009 marked a new initiative known as "Adopt and Orphanage".  Teams were encourage to bring items of clothing, playing gear, etc, as well as interacting and giving back on tour.  They will also communicate with the children throughout the year.  Zag will also sponsor the children financially. 
  • Take part in our Zag active learning and culture when you experience one of the finest tango shows in the world, tango lessons, the secrets of cooking the worlds best steak, and do as the Argentines do and take in a professional soccer match.
  • Experience an optional Zag Homestay and enjoy the culture from the inside out.
  • Visit nearby Uruguay and experience one of South America's most historic settlements.
  • Enjoy Argentine ranch life!
  • Experience fabulous cuisine and a wonderful 4 star hotel in the finest area of BA.
  • And much more!

National Camp Argentina


When:  January, March-August
Who:  U19 and U16 Girls, Some NCAA Teams(Depends on coach limits and your NCAA approval)
Event Info:  The National Camp Argentina is a 3 day intensive team training integrated into our typical Zag Argentina Tour.  This is designed to push and challenge the athletes to become the best players possible.  Each day is separated into 3 x 2 hour intensive instructional pods.  Each pod will be master instructed by current or former national team players and coaches who have an expertise in the given concept being focused on.  Previous coaches have been former World Player of the year, Vanina Oneta, Jorge Lombi, Pablo Lombi, and many other famous Argentine coaches and players.  The camp is customized to fit the needs and development stage for your team and is tailored in a private team training format with your players being the only players present from the U.S., unless otherwise approved.  Join us in Argentina!  

Argentine National Team Friendlies


When:  January, March-August
Who:  Select U19 Teams and Select NCAA teams
Event Info:  Because of our strong affiliation with Argentine hockey we have arranged training matches for our teams vs. various youth national teams of Argentina(ie., U14, U16, U19, U21).   Our Argentine Friendlies events are at select times during the year and only open to the most elite teams and colleges.  If you wish to apply to be apart of an Argentine Friendlies series, please contact us.  This is a fantastic opportunity to see and compete against some of the world's best young players.  Join us in Argentina!

Argentine Hockey Cup


When:   July
Who:  U19 and U16 Boys and Girls
History:  The 2014 Argentine Hockey Cup expects to be the best tournament yet.  With a mix of Argentine clubs, teams from the USA, and other nations in S.A., the AHC presents a fantastic challenge for our US teams.  In addition, teams will take part in all of the fantastic culture, adventure and community service which highlight every Zag Argentina experience.