Zag Karaoke & The "Zag" Difference

After 20 years in NCAA coaching at UVA, Iowa, & Princeton I returned to the company I founded nearly 15 years ago, Zag Sports. It was a great privilege to impact young women in profound ways as a coach while building a legacy of impacting thousands of athletes and teams through my passion at Zag. Over the last two years , my colleagues have often asked how Zag is different from all the others? The differences are vast; our proprietary unique tour formula (high level hockey, transformative Give Back, & impactful Zag Adventure & Culture) being the only organization that is a majority female and hockey owned, being the only organization requiring mandatory service, and our best price promise. Beyond all that, it starts at our organizational DNA. Even with our name. Our name, Zag, is a daily reminder to “zag” when all others are zigging. It is waking up everyday with the goal to step out of our comfort zone in order to inspire a new trajectory and growth as people and as an organization. These ideals are stamped within our organizational DNA and our programs are designed to challenge our teams in the same way.

Our Zag Karaoke embodies just how we are different. We aim to take an average or typical social and create a transformative experience by empowering others to be their authentic selves and Zag. This is what we do with our team travel experiences. We don’t just do a canal cruise in Amsterdam. We do a stand up paddle boarding experience on those canals. We don’t just eat stroopwafels, we learn to make them. We don’t just watch tango in Argentina. We learn how to tango as a team. We don’t go to Italy and just eat the world’s best pizza. We learn to make it from pizza making pros. We don’t just have clinics with a random foreign coach. We have clinics with national team coaches from the world’s greatest hockey powers. We don’t just walk through the orphanage in South Africa. We bring supplies, engage, and give back in responsible and impactful ways. We don’t just listen to a tour guide talking about the way of life in Tokyo. We do homestay with a family and experience it firsthand. We don’t just do fundraising. We come in and do a team building around it and produce at Zag the Zonkey book for your team to sell. We don’t just travel to countries who are hockey powers. We create new programs in Bermuda, Costa Rica, & Peru working to develop the global hockey community. We take what everyone else is doing and “Zagify” it. We bring it to life and create memorable and transformative experiences. That is how we are different. Last night, was the first annual Zag Karaoke at the NFHCA Convention. Many coaches Zagged, stepped out of their comfort zone, and together we created something that coaches will look forward to for years to come! Thank you to the NFHCA, FieldTurf, and the many coaches who came out! Travel. Play. Give Back.

Yours in Hockey,

Melisa Meccage

Jeremy Meccage